This is What We Are About


Every Floridan has a quality home that they can afford.


Florida Housing Bar Association was born out of frustration and hope; frustration that affordable housing is unachievable for many of us, and hope that if we came together we could reverse this trend. In five
short years Florida Housing Bar Association has grown from a grassroots endeavor with a 6-member volunteer
board of directors to an organization with over 170 members from diverse backgrounds across the state
and an 17-member board including an executive director.

Florida Housing Bar Association works to expand sustainable housing opportunities for low and moderate
income people through our Academy, our Advocacy Network, and our Member Meetings.

Florida Housing Bar Association offers educational events through its Academy. The Academy offers trainings on timely affordable housing issues. The Academy is the only training specifically for organizations working to create and preserve more affordable housing opportunities in Florida.

Florida Housing Bar Association coordinates advocacy through its Advocacy Network. The Advocacy Network informs members about important policy and regulatory changes with its e-newsletter and its website The Advocacy Network provides a unified voice to influence decision makers working to solve Florida’s housing problems.

Florida Housing Bar Association provides networking opportunities through its Member Meetings. These meetings are held across the state to allow members to network and share best practices in their region, and are often the only opportunity in rural areas for practitioners to share best practices.


This is What We Are About
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