Get free advice from a housing expert. HUD approved housing counselors work with you
and your mortgage company on your behalf and their expertise is available for free.
Call 1-877-448-1211 to speak with an expert about your individual situation or locate an
HUD approved Housing Counselors in Arizona.

Homeowner Advocacy Unit Civil Justice Clinic - student attorneys team learn to represent borrowers who have been victims of mortgage fraud or are facing wrongful foreclosure. 



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Homeowner Advocacy Training Continuing Legal Education -
held July 26, 2013, Phoenix AZ
Housing Counseling Training Video Session

Here’s what the new mortgage rules mean for you
Our new mortgage rules effective January 10, 2014, mean you will have more information and more protection when you’re shopping for a loan and while you own your home.

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Foreclosure Relocation Assistance

Lost your home to foreclosure?  Are you about to?  We Can Help.
855-250-7700 toll-free.
An initiative of the Arizona Attorney General under the national mortgage settlement.
Additional foreclosure resources at www.azag.gov/azmortgageresource.gov

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  First Time Home Buyer - Down Payment Assistance Programs - AZ (Booklet) - 04/22/14

  Click on the booklet cover page to download a copy.
  Limited hard copies are now available for purchase.  
    -  Price per booklet:   Members  $5  /  Non-members  $20. 
    -  Please make check payable to Arizona Housing Alliance.  

  Contact Sylvia Waynick at sylvia@azhousingalliance.org to place your order.


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