Here Is Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

Can you imagine being business owner and reading this stuff about neural matching and wondering how this will affect traffic going to your business?

SEO Services for Businesses

This is exactly why a business can’t go with out quality search engine optimization services.  Your website is the online representation of your business.


Your website IS your business!


You just can not leave this stuff up to chance.  Just hoping that Google will understand what your business is about, is not a good way to go.


Google is all concerned about neural matching, and machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Google is also taking up an increasing amount of their search results, with their paid ads, which are often not relevant at all.


They are not concerned with making sure your business is accurately represented in the search results.


So what can you do?  Well, do not worry.  All is not lost.


SEO is here to help you.  SEO is designed to understand what types of information Google needs to understand your business.  This is important because even with all of Google’s fancy smancy machine learning, it still is not that smart and needs all the help it can get, so it understand the information on your website.


Good search engine optimization is about building your business that attracts a lot of traffic from search engines.  So you have to build your website up to web standards and norms.


You basically have to hold googlebot’s hand (to learn more about googlebot read this:, when it comes to visit your website, and take it around and tell it all the information that it needs.  You can not assume that the bot understands anything.  You basically need to spell everything out for it.


This is not meant to bash Google.  This is meant to describe the reality of the situation and hopefully show you why you need SEO.


You have a website that you spent a bunch of money on so that it is user friendly for your customers and so that there is some good information on the website to read and interact with.


To make sure that folks are able to find your website through the search engine, you need to tilt as many variables in your favor as you can.


A good SEO understands this and has probably done this for hundreds of different websites.  And that is what you are paying for.  You are paying for the experience of someone that knows what they are doing and you are also paying for the services and tools they use to adequately build out your website.


Google is getting more complex everyday.  But do not worry.  Find someone that knows what they are doing and have them help you and your business will be just fine.