3 Practical Tips To Improve The Position Of Your Website On Google

Google, and all search engines, in general, are improving their evaluation methods every day and have become smarter. The purpose of these search engines is to give their users the most accurate answers to their searches and provide them in the shortest possible time. For that reason, websites that want to be in the top positions of Google or other search engines must follow their “rules.”

Probably, you’ve heard about these rules before: put your keyword in the page title, in <h1>, build links, etc. We SEO experts follow those rules, but, many times, we do not achieve the results and traffic we expect since our pages do not get the position we believe they deserve.

  • On-Page SEO and content optimization

The first thing we must do to improve the position of our website concerning a Keyword is an internal analysis (On-Page) and optimize our page. To start from the basics, it is necessary to look at aspects such as titles, meta descriptions, H1s, and the content (text) on the page. Ask yourself if the content you have on your page is clear enough for your visitor.

It is possible to repeat our main Keyword 20 times or more, but, that only worked in the old days of SEO, at present, this does not guarantee to obtain a good ranking. The most important thing is the QUALITY of the content and how it satisfies the user’s search.

Remember that we are making content for humans. Give a read to the content of your page. What are you telling your potential customers? For this exercise, you can ask a professional writer and a random person who thinks about the text, and both views can give you valuable insights or feedback.

How can they get it?

Invite your visitor to take action and make it easy for them. What do they have to do to get what they see on the screen? You have to call, send a message, fill out a form … You decide. Just make sure you tell him how to get your product or service, and that this call to action (CTA) is at the top of the page.

If you answer these two questions and place the most important content at the top of the page, that will be the first text that the user and Google or another search engine will see when they reach your page.

  • Build Links

For SEO, the links are good, and a link from a website with an excellent reputation will help lift the authority of your domain, and consequently, the positions of your keywords in the search results. Even so, many SEO experts still underestimate the power of links. A clear example is how they ignore No-follow links. A no-follow link can take you very valuable traffic; it is also proven that Google uses non-follow links to navigate and discover websites on the internet. Social network links are a clear example of this.

All links are powerful (except those that come from spam sites). Build all kinds of links to your website. And you can start with the easiest ones like local directory links like Yellow Pages or Yelp. If you discover some type of directory specific to your industry, do not hesitate to be there, and generate a link to your page.

  • Start Blogging

Last but not least, a blog will greatly help increase your position in search results. Blogs usually have fresh content (which Google loves), and builds trust and authority against search engines and users.

Think of some topics you can discuss in your company’s blog and write a weekly entry to get started. You can also blog with the most frequently asked questions about your product or service. Remember to link from your blogs to your service or product pages. Include your keywords in the blog text naturally, and most importantly, make your blog interesting.

In conclusion

After optimizing the content of your website, creating external links to it, and blogging about your product or service, Google and the other search engines will recognize your good work and will reward you by giving you a better position in your results, simply because they will realize that what you have on your website is good for users and answers their questions or helps solve their problems.